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Ballmer: Symantec Suit Won’t Bump Vista Release

May 22, 2006 1 min
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Microsoft’s chief executive officer on Monday told Reuters that the lawsuit filed against the company last week by Symantec, a provider of Web security solutions, will not delay the release of its upcoming operating system, Windows Vista, which has already been bumped in the past.

Vista is expected to be made available to consumers in early 2007.

Symantec filed suit against Microsoft because it claims the Redmond, Wash.-based software behemoth used some of its storage technology within Vista, as well as a number of other Microsoft products. For more, read Symantec Sues Microsoft over Vista.

Speaking in regard to a possible delay, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer told Reuters, “I wouldn’t anticipate any, but that will go to the courts now.”

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer
Microsoft’s Ballmer

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