by CIO Staff

China Calls on Open-Source Community for Advice

May 18, 20061 min
Open Source

China is counting on senior members of the open-source community to help formulate policy ideas to promote open-source software, according to a local software executive.

The China Open-Source Software Promotion Union (COPU), a government-backed industry group, has established a think tank composed of 19 prominent open-source executives from overseas to develop a framework for better international cooperation.

The group will hold its first meeting in Beijing during July and will meet annually, said Song Kewei, the assistant to COPU’s chairman. Its primary focus is to advise COPU on how local companies and the government can promote the adoption and development of open-source software in China, he said.

Among those that have agreed to participate in the group are Brian Behlendorf, cofounder of the Apache Web Server Project; David Axmark, cofounder and vice president of MySQL; Marc Fleury, founder and chief executive officer of JBoss; and Andrew Morton, the maintainer of Linux kernel version 2.6.

-Sumner Lemon, IDG News Service

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