by CIO Staff

Apple Launches 13-Inch MacBooks (UPDATED)

May 16, 20062 mins

Since this story was originally reported, it has been updated to correct the amount of the 13-inch MacBook’s RAM.

Apple Computer finally released the much-anticipated consumer edition of its 13-inch MacBook on Tuesday morning, which features an Intel Core Duo Processor and a new glossy display at a starting price of $1,099, PC World reports.

The New MacBook replaces Apple’s iBook and PowerBook, and it is available in white with either a 1.83-GHz or 2-GHz chip and in black with the 2-GHz processor, according to PC World.

The 1.83 GHz MacBook has 512MB of RAM, as well as a 60GB hard drive, PC World reports.

The new MacBooks also feature iSight video cameras, DVI with two panel support, and a remote control that functions with Apple’s Front Row media software, according to PC World.

Apple also increased the processing power of its 15-inch MacBook Pro computers without bumping up the cost.

The 2GHz model, which retails for $2,499, now contains a 2.16GHz chip, and the 1.83GHz model, which goes for $1,999, now has 2GHz of processing power, according to PC World.

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