by CIO Staff

India’s Infosys Looks to U.S., U.K. for College Grads

May 16, 20061 min
IT Leadership

Infosys, an information technology firm based in Bangalore, India, is planning to visit college campuses across the United States and the United Kingdom over the coming years to help form a more diversified IT workforce, The Economic Times reports.

The company plans to hire 300 U.S. college graduates during fiscal 2006 and 25 more from the United Kingdom in fiscal 2007, according to the Times.

Infosys has not conducted any large-scale foreign recruitment programs in the past, according to the Times.

Infosys’ current workforce is made up of 97 percent Indian people, the Times reports. 

One hundred American college grads will be brought to India for training in August, Infosys said, after which they’ll return to the United States, according to the Times.

The initiative is the result of a successful Infosys pilot program that ended with 10 American students being brought to Bangalore, the Times reports.

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