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Business Objects Helps Google Search BI Data

May 16, 20062 mins
Business Intelligence

Business Objects plans to make it easier for users of Google’s search appliance and desktop search software to find and view corporate data stored in its business intelligence systems, it announced Tuesday.

When Google added a new feature, OneBox for Enterprise, to its Google Search Appliance in mid-April, it opened the way for other companies to provide software modules enabling the appliance to extract and interpret information from back-office business applications. With corporate data often spread among numerous applications—spreadsheets, calendars, e-mail, or databases and other back-office systems—a single search interface capable of accessing all data sources can simplify life for business users.

Google’s OneBox presents search results in different forms, depending on their nature or their source, so weather reports, e-mail messages or purchase requests will all be displayed differently. Already, Cisco Systems, Cognos and Oracle have provided modules to search data in their applications, while companies such as LTech Consulting and Sada Systems have developed modules for searching e-mail and calendar data stored in Microsoft’s Exchange collaboration software.

Now, Business Objects plans to add a module for searching data stored in its business intelligence systems, including Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence documents. It will also support similar search functionality in Google Desktop Enterprise Edition, a version of Google’s application for indexing and searching documents on an individual PC. The enterprise edition allows administrators to limit the types of search that can be performed, or documents that can be indexed, in order to secure corporate data.

Business Objects will make the software module available this month. It is free to users of BusinessObjects XI Release 2 and the Google Search Appliance or Google Desktop, the company said.

-Peter Sayer, IDG News Service

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