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Dell CEO Rollins Visits Beijing

May 15, 20062 mins

Dell Chief Executive Officer Kevin Rollins paid a brief visit to Beijing last week that included opening a computer lab at a school for the children of migrant workers, but the company declined to provide additional details of his trip.

“He also had a couple of other activities scheduled, but I cannot disclose them to you,” said Sharon Zhang, a spokeswoman for Dell China.

Top executives from multinational companies often visit China to meet with government officials and business partners. Generally these visits are an important way to strengthen these relationships. Rollins, who was traveling in Asia, arrived in Beijing Thursday evening and departed Friday afternoon, Zhang said.

The public highlight of Rollins’ visit to Beijing was the opening of a computer lab at Beijing’s Bainian Vocational School, set up to educate the children of migrant workers. The lab is equipped with 38 OptiPlex desktop PCs, one PowerEdge server and a projector donated by Dell.

Dell CEO Michael Dell in China
Michael Dell in China

China’s “floating population” of migrant workers, who move from rural areas to major cities in search of work, numbers in the hundreds of millions. Because they lack the official documents that permit them to reside and work in cities, migrants sometimes face harsh treatment and discrimination from urban residents. Without urban residency, the children of these workers are often unable to attend school.

The computer lab at Bainian School is the first of three such centers that Dell plans to open in China this year.

-Sumner Lemon, IDG News Service

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