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Google, Nokia to Release Web-Surfing Device

May 12, 20062 mins
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Google, the world’s leading search company, and handset producer Nokia are teaming up to release an updated version of Nokia’s 770 Internet Tablet, which will enable consumers to conduct voice conversations or send instant messages while surfing the Web, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The move could help the wheeling-and-dealing search company make inroads into the mobile communications space.

The updated device, which also functions as a music and video player, will come fully loaded with Google’s Google Talk service, and it will retail across the globe for about $390, the Journal reports. Because it’s based on short-range Wi-Fi technology, the device is not a cell phone, according to the Journal. It’s a bit larger than the average PDA, and it features a high-resolution screen designed specifically for browsing the Internet, the Journal reports.

The Journal cited a person close to the arrangement as the source of the news.

The partnership is expected to be formally announced on Tuesday, and Finland-based Nokia is also looking into working with other companies that offer mobile communications technologies that could be used within the device, the Journal reports.

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