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Microsoft to Release Cross-Platform Web Gaming Service

May 10, 2006 2 mins
Consumer Electronics

Microsoft’s Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates on Tuesday announced that his company will release a new, cross-platform service that will enable gamers to interact regardless of whether they’re playing on cell phones, Xbox 360 consoles or computers running Microsoft’s upcoming Vista operating system, the Associated Press reports via Yahoo News.

Microsoft did not offer any specific pricing details, but it will offer the “Live Anywhere” service along with Vista, which has a scheduled consumer release date of early 2007, according to the AP.

Gates told a news conference, “It means that you have one online community.  This platform can really unleash developers to do amazing things,” according to the AP.

Live Anywhere would allows users of Microsoft’s current Xbox Live service to interact with millions of individuals across the world who play games via their PCs or mobile phones, the AP reports.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates
Microsoft’s Bill Gates

During a demonstration of the new service, a gamer playing on the Xbox 360 console employed Live Anywhere to invite another PC-gaming friend to join in the fun, according to the AP. Once that friend accepted the invitation, the two were connected for a unique video game experience, the AP reports.

The Redmond, Wash.-based software behemoth has already sold some 3.2 million Xbox 360 units to date, half of which are used on the Web, according to the AP.

The company also announced a number of additional new offerings along with the Live Anywhere service. This fall, it will offer up a high-definition DVD player, as well as an Xbox Live Vision video camera, and wireless headphones and steering wheel controllers, the AP reports.

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