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Gates: I Wish I Weren’t the World’s Richest Man

May 04, 20062 mins

On Wednesday, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect Bill Gates told the audience at a company advertising event that he wished he were not the world’s wealthiest man because he doesn’t like the attention, Reuters reports.

“I wish I wasn’t. There’s nothing good that comes out of that,” Gates said, according to Reuters.

Gates, who propelled Microsoft into the number-one slot in the world’s PC software market, has a reputation of avoiding as much publicity as possible.

At the Microsoft event, Gates told CNBC, “You get more visibility because of it,” according to Reuters.

Gates cited billionaire Warren Buffet as the person he’s learned the most from during his lifetime, aside from other technology colleagues, Reuters reports. Buffet’s understanding of the necessity of integrity in business is the number-one lesson he took away from Buffet, Gates said, according to Reuters.

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates
Bill Gates

“He has this very refreshing, simple way of looking at things, so I put him on top of the list,” Gates said, Reuters reports.

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