by CIO Staff

Amazon Drops Google, Taps Microsoft for Search

May 02, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

On Monday, mega Web retailer announced that it has dropped Google as the provider of search results on its webpage and selected an engine powered by Microsoft as the replacement, The Washington Post reports.

The switch represents a significant win for Microsoft, as it is the number-three company in the search space, behind Google and Yahoo, according to The Post.

The “powered by Google” phrase that was previously placed near Amazon’s search box on its webpage was removed last week after the two companies’ contract expired, The Post reports. On Sunday, any person who attempted to use Amazon’s search function was directed to the company’s own search service, called and powered by Microsoft’s upcoming search engine, Window Live Search, according to The Post.

David Tennenhouse, A9’s chief executive, told The Post, “Our engineers have done some testing and evaluation, and overall we concluded that this was an interesting option to discover information.”

Tennenhouse wouldn’t comment on which search engine he thought was better, saying only that time will tell, The Post reports. “It will be up to users to try that out,” he said.

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