by CIO Staff

Intel to Foster Web Usage in Developing Nations

May 02, 20061 min
IT Leadership

On Tuesday, Intel said it will donate $1 billion to foster Internet usage and improve basic computer training skills in developing countries, Reuters reports.

The World Ahead program is meant to bring high-speed Wi-Fi Web access to 1 billion people across the world who don’t have the means to surf the Internet, and it also aims to provide technical training to 10 million teachers in developing nations, according to Reuters.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel will donate $1 billon over five years, Reuters reports.

“Decades of providing technology in growing volume and at decreasing costs have driven great gains for developing nations, communities and people worldwide, but there is still much to do,” said Paul Otellini, according to Reuters.

More details related to the project are expected to be announced Wednesday, when Otellini addresses a technology conference in Austin, Texas, Reuters reports.

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