by Ben Worthen

New Companies Vie to Bring Web Computing to the Enterprise

May 01, 20061 min
Enterprise ApplicationsInternet

Google may not be the company that ultimately brings Web computing to the enterprise. It could be one of these companies.

Google right now is the biggest Web computing platform out there. But there are smaller companies that have built open-source distributed computing platforms of their own and are using them to offer services targeted to businesses. They include:

¿ Rearden Commerce

Rearden’s portal lets users do everything from buy plane or concert tickets to send packages. It enforces corporate policies when a user is at work (such as no first-class tickets for trips less than eight hours), but lets them decide for themselves when they are wearing their consumer hat.

¿ Employease

A Web-based human resources application. The company has direct connections with most payroll and benefit providers. It has 1,000 customers and manages close to 700,000 records.

¿ Workday

PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield’s latest venture. The not-yet-live company is building out its platform and will offer ERP-like features in an on-demand environment.


The popular CRM tool has 20,000 customers. It runs open source, but doesn’t have the distributed platform. Salesforce has had difficulty keeping up with its growth, experiencing increased downtime this year.