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AMD Subpoenas Microsoft in Intel Antitrust Case

Apr 18, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has issued a subpoena to Microsoft as part of its ongoing antitrust case against rival Intel, requesting evidence related to Microsoft’s software development agreements with both companies, its collaboration with AMD in sales and marketing, Intel’s thoughts on that collaboration, and any other company documents related to AMD’s financial status, The Wall Street Journal reports.

An AMD spokesperson told The Journal that the subpoena, handed down on Thursday, was no surprise to the Redmond, Wash.-based computer giant, as the company was on the original list of entities to receive subpoenas.

Last June, AMD filed suit against Intel, charging the company with unlawfully creating and maintaining a monopoly in the microprocessor chip market, according to The Journal. Intel has denied any wrongdoing, The Journal reports.

Microsoft spokeswoman Stacy Drake stressed that her company is not a party to the litigation, but told The Journal, “We anticipate that both sides will be seeking documents and other evidence from Microsoft and many other participants in the PC industry. We will work with the parties in this case to respond to reasonable requests for documents and information.”

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy didn’t comment on AMD’s move to bring in evidence from Microsoft, but he told The Journal the case will lead to “a lot of discovery.”

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