by CIO Staff

BoA to Slash 1,900 Jobs, Close 3 Call Centers

Apr 11, 20061 min
IT Leadership

On Monday, Bank of America announced that it plans to cut 1,900 staff positions by shutting down three calls centers before the end of 2006, Reuters reports via

The cuts are part of the bank’s ongoing integration of credit card issuer MBNA, which it purchased on Jan. 1 for $34.2 billion, according to Reuters.

Bank of America, the United States’ number-two bank, plans to shutter a call center in Dover, Del., where 630 people are employed, a center in Horsham, Pa., cutting 600 jobs, and one in Colorado Springs, Colo., which employs some 670 people, BoA spokeswoman Betsy Weinberger told Reuters.

The company previously announced cuts of about 6,000 positions involving both companies, according to Reuters.

BoA’s purchase of Wilmington, Del.-based MBNA made it the nation’s largest issuer of credit cards, Reuters reports.

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