by CIO Staff

Intel Concept Laptop Doubles as LCD TV

Apr 10, 20062 mins

Intel Monday revealed a laptop PC concept design in which the machine folds up with the screen facing away from the keypad and then slips into a docking station for use as a liquid crystal display (LCD) TV.

The docking station looks like a stand for an LCD TV and includes speakers on either side of the screen. Once the laptop is put in place, it transforms from a laptop PC into a television. Officials at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei said the design is not currently being developed as a product, as it’s only a concept aimed at generating new ideas.

The device is meant to save space and allow a user to save on the cost of buying both an LCD-TV and a laptop computer.

Another Intel concept laptop design contained an extra part on the back of the screen, similar to a computer monitor stand, to hold the screen up higher than the laptop. The stand part could also be manipulated to allow a user to fold the screen over the keypad and watch movies comfortably on an airplane or in any other confined space.

-Dan Nystedt, IDG News Service

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