by CIO Staff

Apple v. Apple Ruling Unlikely Before Easter (UPDATED)

Apr 06, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

Apple logo on Apple store building
Credit: Yves Herman/Reuters

Since this story was originally posted, it has been updated to correct an inaccuracy in paragraph three regarding Apple Computer and Apple Corps’ logos.

Edward Mann, the London High Court justice presiding over the highly publicized legal battle between Apple Computer and Apple Corps, said on Wednesday that he’s unlikely to issue a ruling before Easter Sunday, April 16, the Associated Press reports via the New York Post.

Attorneys for both companies met in London’s High Court on Wednesday to hear closing arguments in the case over the companies’ usage of similar apple logos.

At issue in the trial is a 15-year-old settlement under which both companies agreed to stay away from each other’s respective industries, putting an end to a long-running legal battle between the firms over the apple logos, according to the AP. Apple Corps’ logo is a bright green apple, while Apple Computer’s is an animated-looking apple with a bite-shaped chunk taken out of it.

Apple Corps filed the recent suit because it says Apple Computer violated their agreement by entering the music business with its iPod and iTunes Music Store, the AP reports. The company is looking to retrieve damages and halt the computer company’s usage of the logo to promote its music business, according to the AP.

Apple Computer says it’s in the clear, because the company claims it does not have ownership rights to the music itself, only the digital technology to purvey it, the AP reports.