by CIO Staff

Software Engineer Wins NCAA Men’s Tournament Challenge

Apr 05, 20061 min

Who says tech folks don’t know sports?

Software test engineer Russell Pleasant is living, breathing proof that the two worlds do overlap—and, occasionally, in gracious fashion.

At the behest of his wife, Pleasant filled out his very first NCAA Tournament bracket on—he took part in an small office pool the previous year, but the Men’s Tournament Challenge was his first large-scale pool—and became one of four people who successfully predicted a perfect Final Four, according to ESPN Fantasy Games. There were more than 3 million brackets submitted.

An avid fan of sports, Pleasant works for Englewood, Colo.-based online billing systems and cable services provider CSG Systems, ESPN reports.

After Florida defeated UCLA on Monday, Pleasant won the contest and earned himself the grand prize of $10,000, according to ESPN.

His advice for future Men’s Tournament Challenge participants?

Pleasant told ESPN, “Go with your heart and don’t forget about the Cinderella [team].”

Oh yeah. Also:

“I will be back next year to defend my championship.”

Sounds like a challenge …

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