by CIO Staff

Logitec Delays Blu-ray Disc Drives One Month

Aug 02, 20061 min
Data Center

Another week, another high-definition optical disc-related product delay. This time it’s Logitec, which ’fessed up Wednesday that we’re going to have to wait another couple of weeks for the two models that were due out a couple of weeks ago.

There doesn’t seem to be any fundamental hardware problem causing the delay of the 121,800 yen (US$1,061) LBD-A2U2 and the 138,600 yen LBD-A2FU2/WM for Macs, except for adjusting some electronics to change the drives from internal to external (internal Blu-ray drives from Logitec already being on sale) and some jiggery-pokery required to make the machines Mac-happy.

The drives measure 162 by 265.5 by 52.3 millimeters and weigh 1.7 kilograms. They write BD-R/RE at 2x, DVD+/-R DL at 4x, DVD-RAM at 5x, DVD-RW at 6x, and DVD+/-R/+RW at 8x. For those CDs of yours, you’re looking at writing speeds of 24x for CVD-R and 16x for CD-RW.

-Paul Kallender, Digital World Tokyo

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