by CIO Staff

Google, XM Satellite Radio Team Up in Ad Pact

Aug 02, 20061 min
IT Leadership

Google, the world’s leading search giant, said on Wednesday that it has inked a pact with XM Satellite Radio to enable Google AdWords customers to automatically place advertisements into programming on XM’s talk radio stations, Reuters reports.

Under the deal, Google AdWords advertisers will have access to XM’s more than 7 million subscribers on talk-based stations like the Major League Baseball channel, according to Reuters. XM will also have access to Google’s many advertisers, and it will likely be able to boost its ad revenue accordingly, leading to reduced ad processing fees, Reuters reports.

The deal will enable Google advertisers to insert ads into terrestrial and satellite programming spots via Google’s dMarc network, which the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant plans to combine with AdWords before the end of 2006, according to Reuters.

Neither Google nor XM provided Reuters with a comment.

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