by CIO Staff

Summit Spotlights Security Trends, Tools

Aug 02, 20062 mins

The Australian Information Security Summit begins Wednesday with the keynote address from Dr. Paul Dorey, member of the Global CSO Council, an IT security think tank based at Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab.

Dorey, chief information security officer at global oil company BP and chair of the U.K. Institute of Information Security Professionals, will detail the latest international trends and developments in information security.

Craig Searle, technical team leader for SIFT Information Security Services, will present an in-depth look at the current security threats to enterprise security and present research on voice-over-IP security, virtualization, multifunction devices and mobile devices.

Following the presentation, Chris Joscelyne, vice chairman of the Australian IT Security Forum and managing director of Australian Projects, will give an overview of the enterprise-weight encryption technologies and blocking methods to counteract the threat of mobile media devices, like USB sticks, to sensitive corporate data.

In an afternoon presentation, Ernst & Young security and technology services manager Chris Gatford will outline Australian and international case studies on hacking incidents, simple counter measures to address attacks, and an overview of the tools and techniques black hats are using to compromise targets.

Ashley Cross, general manager of security and business from the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, will detail how to create a culture of trust and confidence online.

-Michael Crawford, Computerworld Australia

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