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Movielink to Sell Burnable Films for Download (UPDATED)

Jul 17, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Since this story was originally reported, its title has been modified.

Movielink, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based Web film service, has inked a pact that enables it to use Sonic Solutions technology to sell movie downloads that its customers can “burn” onto blank DVDs, reports.

Movielink is expected to formally announce the deal between it and Sonic Solutions on Monday, which will allow the company to employ Sonic’s DVD-on-Demand software for burning digital copies of films downloaded from the Web to DVD, reports.

Sonic, which is operated by five movie studios, has not specified which media firms will provide content for use with the DVD-on-Demand feature, according to

Jim Ramo, Movielink chief executive, said, “This gives consumers a more flexible product while providing copyright holders with adequate protection of their content,” according to

Currently, film enthusiasts who purchase movies via the Internet can rent or buy from a handful of film download services, but that content can only be viewed on their computers or other handheld devices. 

Movielink offers films for rent for as little as $1.99, and its users purchase movies for as much as $19.99 for newly released titles like Syriana, featuring George Clooney, though pricing details for the DVD-burning capability have not been specified, reports.

Movie studios have been hesitant to embrace the Internet sales medium for films because of concerns over piracy and the possible cannibalization of traditional retail store sales, but Sonic Solutions’ technology could help to curb some of the worry because its allows copy-protection technologies to be burned onto any DVD that its users create, according to

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