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Rambus Accepts Lower Award in Hynix Case

Jul 28, 20062 mins
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Rambus will accept a reduced damages award instead of taking Hynix Semiconductor to trial again, thus giving up the hope of obtaining a larger sum, Rambus said Thursday.

Rambus will pocket US$133.6 million rather than fight for more damages. In April, a jury determined that Hynix had violated a series of Rambus patents and awarded Rambus $306.9 million in damages.

But in July, Judge Ronald Whyte, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, ruled that the award was unjustifiably high and gave Rambus the option to take $133.6 million or go to trial again.

“We accept Judge Whyte’s decision and continue to be gratified with the outcome of this case, including the jury’s finding on validity and infringement,” Rambus’ acting general counsel, Robert Kramer, said in a statement.

The jury determined that Hynix infringed the 10 Rambus patents at issue in the trial. The suit concerned synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM), double data rate SDRAM, and DDR2 memory products sold by Hynix in the United States between June 2000 and the end of 2005. The damages are compensation for that infringement.

Rambus continues to pursue more damages for alleged Hynix infringement that it alleges took place after Dec. 31, 2005. The third phase of the trial is scheduled to begin next month, Rambus said.

Rambus also announced that John Danforth will give up his titles of senior vice president, secretary and general counsel and assume a new role, effective immediately, as senior legal adviser.

Kramer, deputy general counsel, will be acting general counsel until a replacement is found.

-Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service (Miami Bureau)

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