by CIO Staff

Intel, Micron Sample 50-Nanometer NAND Memory

Jul 26, 20061 min
Data Center

Intel and Micron, two semiconductor producers, said they built the first NAND flash memory chips using 50-nanometer technology, and that they are sampling the chips, United Press International (UPI) reports.

The two firms’ IM Flash Technology partnership developed the samples, which currently provide 4 gigabits of memory storage, according to UPI.

Chips produced using the 50-nanometer technology will likely shape the future of home electronics and personal computers, and both Intel and Micron predict that the NAND chip space may be valued at $309 million within the decade, UPI reports.

“We’re seeing very high demand across multiple flash densities,” said Brian Harrison, Intel vice president, according to UPI. “Working with Micron, we are poised to transition quickly to the 50-nanometer process technology and beyond.”

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