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iLane Enables Hands-Free E-mail for Drivers

Jul 25, 20062 mins

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a Waterloo, Ontario-based producer of automobile safety devices, on Monday announced its iLane product, which the company claims is the “world’s first hands-free and eyes-free e-mail solution for in-vehicle use,” according to a July 24 IMS press release on Yahoo Finance.

iLane lets its users pilot a car or other vehicle while accessing e-mail without fiddling with a cell phone or other handheld, using a simple voice-based system for accessing electronic messages and other information, according to the release.

IMS iLane
IMS iLane

iLane detects a driver’s presence once he or she enters the vehicle and immediately begins gathering and organizing incoming e-mail messages based on a number of preset user preferences. The system alerts drivers of incoming messages and related information as they arrive in what the company says is a natural-sounding voice—in the driver’s chosen language—instead of employing the typical ring or beeping sound for notification, according to the release.

The driver can then listen to the full e-mail, respond and forward it, all using voice commands. iLane can also receive and manage phone calls, SMS text messages and a handful of e-mail attachment forms, without requiring its users to take their eyes off the road for an instant, according to the release.

Users can also adjust iLane personal preferences and notification settings to detect messages that don’t require immediate responses, according to the release.

“iLane is the first and only solution to provide users with complete mobile data connectivity in a manner that focuses on driver safety,” said Dr. Otman Basir, IMS president and CEO, in the release. “In this regard, iLane is truly a ‘world first’ and we are excited to offer this innovative solution to mobile professionals.”

The iLane device links directly to Bluetooth-compatible handsets, vehicle audio setups and earphones to read messages to its users and detect verbal responses.

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