by CIO Staff

Yahoo, Symantec Team Up for Security Service

Jul 25, 20062 mins
IT Strategy

Yahoo and Symantec on Monday announced the availability of a new co-branded Web security service that will better position both companies for competition with rivals like Google and Microsoft, which has in recent days made a major push into the security space, Reuters reports via

Yahoo customers will have the option of purchasing Symantec’s Norton Internet Security offering for $49.99 a year after a 30-day free trial—a discount of $20 off the regular retail price, according to Reuters. The software suite is available here.

The announcement expands the current partnership between the two firms, as Yahoo already offers its mail users Symantec antivirus scanning, Reuters reports. The new deal also allows Symantec access to Yahoo’s hundreds of millions of users.

“Internet security is important to our Yahoo users, and by working with Symantec, we are bringing the comfortable security blanket that their Norton brand services provide to consumers,” said Stephen Miller, Yahoo’s director of product management, according to Reuters.

The firms will advertise the Norton Internet Security product via Yahoo’s vast network, which includes Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Search, among other offerings, Reuters reports.

Symantec will also provide its Norton Spyware scan service for the Yahoo Toolbar and another dually branded toolbar that will link directly to additional security services, according to Reuters.

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