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Apple Mighty Mouse to Go Wireless

Jul 25, 20061 min
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Apple Computer has developed a wireless version of its Mighty Mouse, according to a U.S. regulatory filing.

The new version of the mouse uses Bluetooth to maintain a link with a computer, and so Apple is required to gain regulatory approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) before it can sell the device in the United States. The FCC publishes applications for approval, and it’s from this information that details of the mouse, which has the code name “M6,” were disclosed.

The wireless Mighty Mouse looks much the same as the current wired version with the obvious exception of the cord. The mouse is powered by two AA batteries, and users will be able to check the current battery level through the computer’s system preferences menu.

Apple’s Wireless Mighty Mouse
Wireless Mighty Mouse

No information about when the mouse will be announced or put on sale was included in the filing. Apple typically uses major conferences to announce new products, and the next such event is its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco from Aug. 7 to 11.

-Martyn Williams, IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau)

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