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Nokia N73 Camera Phone Hits Stores

Jul 24, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Nokia, a producer of wireless handsets, on Monday announced the availability of the new camera phone in its N Series product line, the N73, and it is aimed at the avid photo phone user with a 3.2-megapixel digital camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics, stereo speakers and the ability to connect to the world’s leading photo-sharing websites, according to a July 24 press release.

The Nokia N73, which will retail for a little more than $500 excluding tax and other related fees, can be used with third-generation or EDGE/GSM networks, and it will be offered in three color combinations: silver and plum, white and red, and white and brown, according to the release.

“We are very excited to bring the Nokia N73 to the world. It’s the ideal companion for any digital camera lover or simply anyone who appreciates stunning print quality and multimedia just a slide and a click away,” said Pekka Pohjakallio, vice president of Multimedia Computers, Nokia, in the release. “At the core of the Nokia N73 is a camera that is truly ready for the Internet age, enabling people to share their photos on the Web in an instant on Flickr or other photo-sharing communities.”

The N73’s 3.2-megapixel camera provides what Espoo, Finland-based Nokia says is “real” photo quality in pictures of up to 8 by 10 inches, and images can be viewed on the phone’s 2.4-inch-high resolution screen, according to the release. Photos can be sent to friends or colleagues using e-mail or Bluetooth connectivity, and the N73 even allows users to create image slideshows that can be set to music from their own personal MP3 libraries.

In addition to the N73’s photography and music features, in certain areas it will come with Amazon’s Mobipocket Reader, an eBook reader, and Amazon’s Anywhere features preinstalled for simplified electronic reading and easy shopping at the online retailer, according to the release.

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