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JotSpot 2.0 Expands Wiki Capabilities

Jul 24, 20063 mins

JotSpot, an application wiki firm, on Monday announced the availability of JotSpot 2.0, its newest platform, which enables users to collaborate on a variety of information types, including text, calendars, spreadsheets and photo galleries, among others, according to a July 24 press release on Yahoo Finance.

JotSpot 2.0’s new “page types” make it simple for users to create collaborative calendars, file repositories and spreadsheets with a single click.

“JotSpot has redefined what a wiki is by removing the limitations of traditional wikis and marrying the wiki metaphor with some of the capabilities of Microsoft Office,” said Joe Kraus, JotSpot CEO, in the release. “We’ve combined the familiarity and functionality of desktop applications like Office with the collaborative power and flexibility of wikis so users can quickly and easily collaborate on all types of information.”

People who use JotSpot 2.0 can employ its spreadsheet page type to create Microsoft Excel-like pages that can wrap text in a cell and support copy and paste functionality, among other features, according to the release. Users can share files quickly and easily using the file repository page type, and they can create pages that contain images or photos with one click using a photo gallery page.

The new platform also lets users easily customize the look and feel of their wikis by altering color schemes and adding logos without the use of HTML or CSS, according to the release. It features a sidebar not unlike the one used in Microsoft Outlook to show which wiki applications are available to the user. 

A detailed permissions system allows users to control who views what wiki content, and pages can be made private, made available to specified parties or made public, depending on the users’ settings.

“We’ve created page types for specific tasks like creating a Web page, calendar spreadsheet, file repository, and a photo gallery,” said Scott Johnston, JotSpot’s vice president of products, in the release. “Every page type has all of the collaborative power and flexibility of wikis: they are editable, allow permissions, offer version control, and each page type is appropriate for the task at hand.”

Palo Alto, Calif.-based JotSpot is currently offering its new platform in a number of pricing and usage combinations: no charge for five users and a maximum of 10 pages; $9.99 a month for 10 users and as many as 100 pages; $24.95 per month for 25 users and up to 300 pages; $69.95 a month for any number of users and 1,000 pages; and finally, people can pay $199.95 a month for unlimited users and pages, according to the release.

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