by CIO Staff

Panel: CIO/CFO Collaboration Is a Must

Jul 20, 20061 min
IT Leadership

Information and financial executives need to collaborate because as financial management systems grow and mature, they become increasingly connected to technology and information systems, a Industry Advisory Council/American Council for Technology panel said on Wednesday, Federal Computer Week (FCW) reports.

Adam Goldberg, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy’s financial integrity and analysis branch leader, said, “The CFO Community can’t do this on their own,” according to FCW.

Goldberg participated in the July 19 panel that was assembled to examine the modernization of financial management systems and processes, FCW reports.

Lisa Fiely, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s finance chief, said too often relations between CIOs and CFOs are hindered by egos, and frequently the two executives waste time debating small tribulations, according to FCW.

Goldberg said finance and information executives should begin to dually manage some tasks, and assign responsibility accordingly to ensure accountability, FCW reports. Goldberg also suggested learning from other agencies’ past mistakes and solutions, according to FCW.

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