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Microsoft to License ‘TouchLight’ Image Tech

Jul 19, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Microsoft, the world’s leading producer of software, will license its “TouchLight” technology, which enables users to move and position 3-D images with their hands, to Irvine, Calif.-based EON Reality, the Associated Press reports via the New York Post.

The move is the Redmond, Wash.-based company’s latest in an effort to cash in on the work being done by Microsoft Research, its testing and development arm, according to the AP.

Under the deal, EON can modify and offer the technology for sale, though Microsoft will still be able to license it to other interested parties or use it within its own products, the AP reports.

EON plans to use the technology within its existing interactive display systems, according to the AP.

TouchLight enables users to display or demonstrate new products or offerings from a variety of detailed angles and perspectives, the AP reports.  A demonstration of the technology can be found here.

David Harnett, senior director with Microsoft IP Ventures, told the AP that the deal between the two companies is permanent assuming a set of specific goals is met.

Financial details of the deal were not made public.

Harnett also told the AP that Microsoft has inked somewhere between 10 and 15 similar licensing deals since May 2005, when the company formed a unit for that specific purpose.

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