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Mac Users Get Free Office Treat

Jul 18, 20061 min
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Mac users can download office productivity software for free, thanks to OpenOSX.

OpenOSX is celebrating its fifth birthday by offering a free OpenOSX Office download with every order for the next two weeks.

OpenOSX was among the first firms to package single-click solutions to install open-source imaging applications The Gimp and GRASS on Mac OS X.

More than five years ago, Jeshua Lacock, the owner of OpenOSX, ported GRASS GIS 5.0 beta to Mac OS X public beta. Responding to demand, he then developed a single-click installation package.

The company offers a range of products for sale, such as ReadyStream 1.0.0. This includes The Gimp and CinePath along with a range of open-source multimedia applications and costs from US$30.

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