by CIO Staff

Report: Flash Drives Could Replace Hard Disks in Laptops

Jul 18, 20061 min

A recent study from In-Stat, a market research firm, suggests that Flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) will be increasingly used within laptop computers in place of traditional hard-disk drives, Macworld reports.

In-Stat says Flash-based drives could take 50 percent market share in the mobile computer space by 2013, Macworld reports.

Survey respondents identified Flash drives’ ability to employ significantly less power than hard drives as their most important benefit, and more than 65 percent said they’d be willing to dish out a bit more cash for Flash-based drives than they have for hard drives, according to Macworld.

Frank Dickson, an In-Stat analyst, said, “When one examines the declining cost trends for flash, the user’s need for storage and the premium that consumers place on the benefits provided by SSDs, it is easy to see that there will be a clear demand for SSDs,” according to Macworld.

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