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RFID UHF Standard Gains ISO OK

Jul 17, 20062 mins
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The Australian Gen2 standard for the electronic product code (EPC) global UHF interface protocol for radio frequency identification (RFID) readers has received International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approval.

The new standard, an amendment to ISO 18000 6 part C, is for all devices operating in the 860MHz to 960MHz industrial, scientific and medicinal band.

Some RFID readers, tags and circuits have already been certified as Gen2 compliant by EPCglobal and are available now.

GS1 is the Australian governing body of the EPC global standards. Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia, said many Australian business are already using Gen2 protocols in RFID trials.

“We have already begun using Gen2 protocol with Australian business, including the recent frozen-food trials with Patties Foods and Montague,” Palazzolo said.

“We expect this announcement to significantly impact on the uptake of EPC/RFID supply chain management solutions among Australian businesses and their trading partners.”

Sue Hutchinson, director of Industry Adoption for EPCglobal US, said the World Trade Organization has guidelines about following standards endorsed by the ISO, so the recognition of Gen2 as part of a global standard is extremely important.

-Michael Crawford, Computerworld Today (Australia)

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