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Nike, Apple Release Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Jul 14, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Nike and Apple Computer on Thursday announced the availability of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit—the first product from their upcoming line of Nike+iPod athletic products—which enables runners and iPod enthusiasts to track such metrics as miles traveled and calories burned during a workout, according to a July 12 Nike press release on Yahoo Finance.

The Nike and Apple pact was first announced in late May.

Runners who want to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit will need to have an iPod nano and be willing to dish out $29 for the product, as well as $80 to $100 for Nike footwear that works with the kit. In addition to the release of the sport kit, Nike also said its Nike Air Zoom Moire+ and Air Zoom Plus+, the first two shoes of six the company plans to release for use with the new product, will be available by August, according to the release. 

Nike+iPod Sport Kit
Nike+iPod Sport Kit

The Nike+Apple Sport Kit can be purchased at both Apple and Nike retail stores and on their websites, as well as at select U.S. retailers. The Nike footwear can be purchased via Nike’s site as well as its retail stores and a number of other retailers.

The two firms also announced the launch of a related website, which will include a training log, a forum where users can interact and share best practices, and links to sites with related music and coaching tools.

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