by CIO Staff

Seagate Unveils 1TB Maxtor Shared Storage II

Jul 10, 20061 min

Seagate has unveiled its new $899.99 Maxtor Shared Storage II system, which is compatible with both Windows-based PCs and Macs, and it features one terabyte of storage via two separate drive mechanisms, Macworld reports.

Shared Storage II is expected to ship this month, according to Macworld.

The system employs a Gigabit Ethernet connection to connect to a network, and Maxtor OneTouch and Seagate Pushbutton USB external storage systems can be used in conjunction with it for backup or expanded storage capacity, Macworld reports. The two drives run at 7200 RPM and they contain 16MB of cache buffer RAM, according to Macworld.

Multiple USB ports allow users to link and share USB printers and storage systems, and Maxtor Shared Storage II also supports “Drag and Sort,” which can identify and organize upward of 100 different types of files and deposit them in pre-specified folders, according to Macworld.

The system measures roughly 5.4 by 3.9 by 8.5 inches, and it weighs 6 pounds, Macworld reports.

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