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Point-of-Sale Software for Macs Unveiled

Jul 06, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Zarra Studios has released an initial public beta of a point-of-sale solution for Macs.

Simply Elegant Sales (seSales) 1.4 has been designed from the ground up exclusively for Mac OS X. The company claims the system has been designed to foster fast and accurate order processing. It’s also capable of tracking in-store credit and integrates support for PayPal as a credit card clearing house.

The invoice processing is streamlined to work completely through keyboard commands or mouse menus. A cashier can choose the most efficient process, avoiding needless delays while searching through cascading menus to find the correct option for the customer’s order.

The beta software can also handle rental items, with management tracking, invoice printing and customer tracking all included within this capability.

The beta period is provided as a way for customers and potential customers to have a voice in how seSales will implement the processing of rental items in particular.

seSales includes integration with MYOB, making it possible to export customer data, inventory and invoices into a file format that is compatible with MYOB.

Two versions of Simply Elegant Sales are available. The entry edition (US$129) is designed for the business owner who may already have a credit card processing solution in place; the standard edition ($249) is designed for business owners who need credit card processing and employee hours tracked within one application.

A fully functional demo is available; however, it limits the number of invoices and purchase orders that can be created.

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