by CIO Staff

U.K. Music Industry Proceeds With Suit

Jul 05, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

London’s High Court has handed down its OK for the trade group representing the United Kingdom’s music industry to file suit against, a Russian MP3 download site, Reuters reports.

The Russian site is second only to Apple’s iTunes Music Store in the United Kingdom’s downloadable music space, and users can download full albums for as little as $1.85 apiece, according to Reuters. Though says it’s in compliance with all local copyright and intellectual property regulations, music industry representatives claim they have not granted the website permission to sell their property, Reuters reports.

A British Phonographic Institute (BPI) statement issued Monday says London’s High Court has also OK’d the U.K. music industry group’s request to file legal action against and its parent, Media Services, in Russia, before the start of a court case in the United Kingdom, according to Reuters.

BPI General Counsel Roz Groome told Reuters, “The reason downloads are cheap is that neither the artists nor the record companies are being paid.”

On a related note, an international group representing the music industry confirmed on Tuesday that it plans to file suit against Yahoo China for allegedly providing links to illegal music download services on its search results pages.

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