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Aperi Consortium Boosted by Novell

Jun 28, 20062 mins
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Aperi, the IBM-founded open-source storage consortium, took an important step forward Tuesday as SuSE Linux vendor Novell joined up.

In addition, Aperi will apply to the Eclipse Foundation to become an Eclipse project, and IBM will donate 1 million-plus lines of code from its TotalStorage Productivity Center to Aperi.

Aperi is the IBM-founded open-source consortium intending to produce a storage management platform.

Novell’s entry lends open-source credibility to Aperi and that, together with Eclipse adoption, should lessen perceptions of Aperi being IBM-led and dominated.

Aperi would be Eclipse’s storage management project, fully compliant with SMI-S, the storage networking industry association’s (SNIA) developing storage management standard.

IBM VP Laura Sanders said Aperi is: “re-announcing its commitment to the storage networking industry association.” Regarding any SNIA constitution changes to enable code production, Sanders said: “We’re happy to keep working that.”

“The IT industry will benefit from Aperi helping to drive SMI-S implementations, storage technologies and open standards,” said SNIA chair Wayne M. Adams, smoothening out any SNIA divisions.

Potential storage management product customers can expect Aperi and the anti-Aperi group to be in a race to deliver the most complete, functional and SMI-S-compliant products to them.

-Chris Mellor, (London)

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