by CIO Staff

Warner Bros., Guba to Sell Films, TV Shows Online

Jun 28, 20062 mins
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Warner Bros., the film studio, and Web video company have inked a deal to sell Warner Bros. television and film content on the Guba site, BBC News reports.

Guba users will be able to “rent” Warner Bros. programming for as little as $1.99 for a 24-hour period, as well as pay $19.99 for new films or $9.99 for older titles to own the movies, according to BBC News. Customers will also be able to buy single episodes of television shows for $1.79, BBC News reports.

Web surfers who visit can post their own video clips as well as watch those placed on the site by other visitors.

Warner Bros. is among a handful of film and television companies looking to tie their businesses in with the Internet to make customers out of the vast array of young, technologically advanced users on the Web today who would be difficult to reach via other mediums. On Tuesday, NBC said it will promote some of its fall programming on the popular video-sharing site, CBS and Apple Computer also recently announced a deal to sell CBS programming at the iTunes Music Store.

Web surfers will be able to watch the Warner Bros. content on Guba via streaming video, and they’ll have the option of downloading it for use on handhelds that run Microsoft media software, though the programming will not be able to be burnt onto DVDs, BBC News reports.

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