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France Challenges Google Earth With New Site

Jun 23, 20062 mins
Web Development

France on Friday launched a new website that enables Web surfers to view detailed satellite images of the country, and it claims the new site provides users with better coverage of its land, Reuters reports via CNN International.

Google Earth lets its users pick specific locations around the globe and then zoom in on those locales for more detail. When Google Earth was initially launched, it raised concern within a number of governments and antiterror groups regarding its potential usage by terror cells to monitor sites and plan future attacks.

French President Jacques Chirac said it’s important for his country to have such a site available because he wants France to keep up with the fast pace of technological innovation today, according to CNN.

According to Chirac’s office, the French president said, “With Galileo [the European Union’s satellite navigation system], with the mobile telephone, services linked to global positioning will develop a lot. It is also about democracy because our citizens have the right to know all the facts about the environment,” CNN reports.

In addition to the satellite images available on the site, users will be able to access maps and other photos of France, CNN reports.

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