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Samsung Unveils 3 New Super-Slim Mobile Phones

Jun 21, 20061 min
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Samsung Electronics, the third-largest producer of mobile phone handsets in the world, on Wednesday unveiled its three newest phones in an effort to close the gaps between it and market leaders Nokia and Motorola, Reuters reports.

The first phone, the X820, is a super-slim handset that weighs in at 66 grams, measures 6.9 millimeters in thickness—which is thinner than Motorola’s uber-popular RAZR phone—and features a 2.0-megapixel digital camera, according to Reuters.

Samsung Electronics’ D830, D900 and X820 Cell Phone Headsets
D830, D900, X820

The D830 super-slim flip handset weighs roughly 85 grams, measures 9.9 millimeters in thickness and also features a 2.0-megapixel digital camera, Reuters reports.

The final phone unveiled on Wednesday, the D900, is a 3-megapixel “slider phone” that weighs 85 grams and has a thickness of 12.9 millimeters, according to Reuters.

All three phones are expected to be available before 2007, Reuters reports.

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