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World Cup: Firms Threatened With Fines Over Web Broadcasts

Jun 14, 20061 min

U.K. firms that choose to allow employees to view television broadcasts of World Cup soccer matches via broadband connections without the proper license could face fines of as much as 1,000 pounds (roughly US$1,850), BBC News reports.

Any machine that is “installed or used” for receiving television programming needs to be licensed, according to BBC News.

The BBC will stream some 50 hours of World Cup footage to Web surfers in the United Kingdom, and more than 5 million of those Internet users are believed to have high-speed broadband access at their work desks, BBC News reports.

A spokesperson with the United Kingdom’s TV Licensing told BBC News, “We know exactly which unlicensed business premises to target. It doesn’t matter how you’re watching; if you are watching a live match, you will need a license.”

The BBC is able to stream live World Cup content only from games shown on television stations, according to BBC News.

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