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Intel Advances ‘Tulsa’ Server Chip Release

Jun 12, 20062 mins
Data Center

Intel has moved up the release of its “Tulsa” server chip, one of its next-generation multicore line of chips.

Intel will release Tulsa in the third quarter rather than the fourth quarter, but no specific date has been set, said Alistair Kemp, an Intel spokesman.

Tulsa is dual-core processor in the Xeon family, built using a 65-nanometer production process. It is designed for servers with four or more processors, according to an Intel fact sheet.

The Tulsa chip is another entry into Intel’s heated competition with Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron line.

Dell surprised observers earlier this month by saying it will offer Opteron chips in its high-end multicore servers by the end of this year.

Intel also confirmed it will roll out another chip, code-named Woodcrest, on June 26. Woodcrest, in the Xeon family, is a dual-core chip for dual-processor servers and workstations.

Woodcrest is widely seen as Intel’s attempt to close the gap with chip rival AMD on power consumption and performance.

-Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service (London Bureau)

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