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Remote XT Sounds Alarm When Phones Are Stolen

Oct 02, 20062 mins
MobileSmall and Medium Business

Remote XT on Monday launched its phone security offering with the same name, which enables mobile phones to sound an ear-piercing alarm when stolen, as well as wipe out all sensitive data on the phone, Reuters reports.

Remote XT is meant for use with high-end smart phones, which are typically employed by business users or others who may store sensitive information, like company financials or confidential e-mails, according to Reuters.

Mark Whiteman, Remote XT managing director, said, “By making mobiles unusable to anyone but the rightful owner, the phones become worthless, and we will see the market for stolen handsets stamped out once and for all,” Reuters reports.

The service is available for 9.99 pounds (roughly US$19) a month, and if an equipped phone is stolen, a signal is transmitted to it immediately after it’s reported missing, according to Reuters. The signal wipes out all data on the phone, and its triggers a loud alarm. Remote XT also offers antivirus services as part of the monthly plan, according to Reuters.

Currently, cell phone service providers can disable a phone once it is reported stolen, but there are few measures put in place to erase or retrieve data on such phones, according to Reuters.

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