by Ben Worthen

Training Your IPv6 Champions

Oct 01, 20061 min
IT Skills

According to the federal CIO Council’s IPv6 transition guide (find a link to the full report at, there are four kinds of training that a company’s IPv6 champion needs:

Business— IPv6 workshops and conferences provide participants with general information on the technology, identify vendors that support IPv6, help them

understand the business ¿drivers behind the transition and introduce them to services or products enabled by IPv6.

Architecture— This covers everything from auto-configuration to routing,

multicasting and principles for connecting to the IPv6 Internet. This area will have the greatest impact on the development of successful IPv6 integration plans.

Operations— Companies need to train their staffs on how to support the IPv6 environment. The bulk of operational training should focus on supporting IPv6 applications (for example, IPv6-enabled e-mail and Web servers). Operational training will often be hardware- or software-specific, generally produced by, or for, a particular vendor’s product.

Technology— Extra specialized training will be needed to address other technological topics in which IPv6 plays an important role, such as mobility and security.