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Yahoo, HP Team in PC Deal

Sep 29, 20061 min
IT Leadership

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Credit: Thinkstock/Lenovo/Asus/HP

Yahoo, the number-two search engine in the United States behind Google, has inked a pact with Hewlett-Packard (HP) under which the PC giant will preinstall Yahoo search functionality and other services on HP PCs distributed in the United States and Europe, Reuters reports via

HP will include a cobranded toolbar with its PCs, and it will also make Yahoo’s search page the default homepage for Web surfers who use Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 7 browser via their HP machines, according to Reuters.

Google announced a similar deal with Dell in May to have its software preinstalled on millions of Dell PCs before they’re shipped to retailers.

The news comes at a time when HP is under fire from critics, lawmakers, journalists and privacy activists alike for its controversial investigation into the sources of sensitive company information leaked to media outlets.

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