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Sony PlayStation 3 Games to Sell for Roughly $60

Sep 28, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

The price of games for Sony Computer Entertainment’s upcoming PlayStation 3 console is getting a little clearer.

Software for the soon-to-be-launched machine has begun appearing on online shopping sites like and Sony’s SonyStyle, and almost all the games carry a US$60 price tag.

That’s more expensive than many games for the PlayStation 2, which typically carry a price tag of between $20 and $40, with the most popular titles costing $50.

The higher price is likely to come as little surprise to gamers. Many have been expecting to pay more for games for the new console. The PlayStation 3 is much more expensive than those that have gone before it. It will be launched first in Japan on Nov. 11 in two versions, the cheapest of which will cost 49,800 yen (US$425). Six years ago, when the PlayStation 2 went on sale, it cost 39,800 yen.

Still, the prices could be good news for some. Gaming sites were abuzz with rumors from last weekend’s Tokyo Game Show that PlayStation 3 software was going to cost around $100, although no such announcements were made at the show.

The seven games listed on Sony’s site and their launch dates are: Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Nov. 2), Call of Duty 3 (Nov. 9), Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Nov. 9), Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (Nov. 9), Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (Nov. 16), Sonic the Hedgehog (Nov. 16) and Full Auto 2: Battlelines (Nov. 23). also lists: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas (Nov. 7), Elder Scrolls Oblivion Morrowind (Nov. 17) and Stranglehold (Dec. 30). The game F.E.A.R., which is due out on Nov. 14, is priced at $50 at Several other games are listed with no price or launch date.

-Martyn Williams, IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau)

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