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LG.Philips Develops Thinner Cell Phone Display

Sep 28, 20061 min
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LG.Philips next week will unveil what it says is the world’s slimmest cell phone display.

The thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (LCD) is just 1.3 millimeters thick and has been developed for use in the super-slim handsets that are popular with cell phone makers and users. The panel is about 32 percent thinner than displays currently used in cell phones, which measure between 1.9 millimeters and 2.9 millimeters thick, according to the company.

At present, the thinnest phone on the market is Samsung Electronics’ SGH-X820, which is just 6.9 millimeters thick. By utilizing the new display, phones even thinner than this could be realized, said LG.Philips. It will also allow for slider-type phones to break the 10-millimeter barrier, the company said.

The screen is due to be unveiled at the SID Mobile Displays 2006 event in San Diego, Calif., that begins Oct. 3.

-Martyn Williams, IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau)

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