by CIO Staff

Enron’s Andrew Fastow Hit With 6-Year Jail Sentence

Sep 27, 20061 min

Andrew S. Fastow, the former chief financial officer (CFO) of Enron Corp., yesterday was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the conspiracy that led to the collapse of Enron in 2002, the Justice Department announced.

Fastow, who cooperated with government prosecutors in the trials that led to convictions in May on fraud and conspiracy charges for former Enron chief executives Kenneth L. Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Fastow was sentenced on two counts of conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud before Judge Kenneth Hoyt at U.S. District Court in Houston, Texas. The New York Times made a copy of Fastow’s plea agreement.

Lay died in July before his sentencing could take place. Skilling’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 23, The Times reported.

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