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Replacement for Lithium-Ion Batteries Debuts

Sep 27, 20062 mins

A new battery technology that’s being touted as a superior replacement for lithium-ion cells is being demonstrated at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) this week.

Zinc Matrix Power has developed a new, rechargeable battery technology based on silver, zinc and water. The company claims its technology has three key advantages over lithium-ion.

“First of all, the inherent chemistry of our batteries — based mostly on silver, zinc and water — is safer,” explains Doctor Ross Dueber, president and CEO of Zinc Matrix Power.

“Secondly, these high-energy batteries can significantly improve upon the performance of existing lithium-ion batteries used in notebooks and mobile phones. And finally, Zinc Matrix Power uses an environmentally friendly chemistry which allows battery cells to be recycled and the contents reused.”

The technology contains no lithium or flammable liquids and is free from the problems of thermal runaway, fire and danger of explosion. These batteries are also free from the regulations that limit the size of lithium-containing batteries on airplanes.

A notebook using these batteries will run for longer between each charge, the company says.

Zinc Matrix Power batteries will be available to device manufacturers for evaluation and testing in early 2007.

Arthur N. Budge, Jr., chairman of Zinc Matrix Power said: “We believe our battery has the potential to change the game much like lithium-ion did with its introduction in the early 90s.”

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